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DRIRIDER: The Number 1 Australian Motorcycle Clothing Brand. Tried and trusted by Aussie riders for 33 years.
DESIGNS & TESTING: Designed in Australia, by Australians and built for our harshest conditions. All of our garments are tested across the land; from the High country to the Outback, from Mt Mee to Mt Terrible, from the Putty road to the GO road. From Wannaroo to Whittlesea, from Strath to Victor and all roads in between!
FOCUS: Our focus is 100% on Motorcycle clothing to deliver the highest quality products available at affordable prices.
CONSTRUCTION: We use High Quality components sourced from famous brand name partners including the best Zippers, the best High-Spec Breathable and Waterproof Liners &the best Construction Materials. We do not cut corners or compromise on the strength or feel of our fabrics.
FITTING: Our  fit is tailored to Australian Men &Women, with 33 years of ongoing experience to draw on. No other brand can boast such avast knowledge base. We ensure each garment fits correctly with our ongoing refinement eliminating any unnecessary bulk or bagginess.
SIZING: We produce sizes to cover all Australians; from XXS through to 8XL sizes. Some garments also include stout or short leg fittings and both Men and Women are equally well catered for. We even have ajunior model for kids.
SUPPORT & BACKUP: Buying in Australia means you are backed by a comprehensive Warranty and Service program with local dealer support across all states & territories.

Insist on genuine DRIRIDER - Anything else is a compromise!